Compliance with confidence

Better meet compliance regulations and global laws with confidence through streamlined processes and actionable reporting and insights

Simplify Compliance Management

Compliance requirements for organizations across the globe vary greatly and as an organization grows, compliance becomes more of a challenge. The burden of completing these tasks and meeting deadlines grows exponentially the more subsidiaries you have. Software can help reduce this burden.

  • Ensure the accuracy of your data with controlled changes and data assurance processes
  • Apply compliance requirements by jurisdiction
  • Issue automated reminders for key dates
  • Audit each change or action, which is logged automatically

Flexible Reporting

Reporting is a fundamental part of ensuring oversight of your entity structure and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Diligent Entities provides reporting that can be easily customized and will scale to your needs.

  • Create graphical or tabular reports and export as PDF, Word or Excel
  • Provide intuitive, simple reports for non-expert users
  • Utilize ready-made templates to simplify more complex reporting
  • Save reports and schedule updates for real-time information and automatically send to specific users or groups
  • Customize access by report so users only see what their permissions allow

Specific compliance requirements

Specific regulations such as FATCA and SM&CR have ongoing requirements. Diligent Entities seamlessly combines existing data with new requirements to ensure you aren’t duplicating effort and reducing the margin for error.

  • Specific modules that seamlessly combine existing data with the new requirements for FATCA and SM&CR
  • Schedule automated surveys to gather additional data required, such as entity classifications or senior manager’s responsibilities
  • Construct workflows to demonstrate control of your entity data and ensure senior managers sign off their roles
  • Create specific, automated triggers to alert responsible employees and record data for appropriate recording and filings
  • Generate and preserve a full audit trail automatically for all activities for historical or “Point In Time” reporting

Catering to your compliance and governance requirements and evolving with you as you grow with three levels:


Ideal for smaller organizations operating in industries with minimal regulation and with entities in only a few jurisdictions. Great for companies wishing to move away from paper or spreadsheets and looking to improve their efficiency.


A perfect match for larger organizations conducting business in medium or highly regulated industries with entities in multiple jurisdictions. Great for companies focused on compliance and efficiency for which data integrity is extremely important. Also beneficial for those who are searching for multiple ways to report on that data both internally and externally.


Designed for larger, highly regulated organizations focused not just on efficiency and compliance, but also on mitigating risk. Data integrity, customizable workflows, and transparent, easily accessible audit trails are critical for these companies, as is integration with other systems.

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