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The Diligent Partner Program provides you with the best in-class modern governance tools, guidance and support; enabling you to give a more comprehensive customer experience.

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Modern Governance

(n.) The practice of empowering leaders with the technology, insights, and processes required to fuel good governance

Modern governance addresses core issues of speed, visibility and security by putting the necessary tools and intelligence at the fingertips of today’s board members and executives.

Partner with Diligent to gain access to the leading tools, experience and experts from the home of Modern Governance. Our partner program means that you will increase your global reach and connect with new customers, whilst providing them with the best in-class solution.

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Which level of partnership program is right for you?

Service Provider

You need to use our best in class software on behalf of your clients; helping you run as efficiently as possible and provide effective entity governance to your customers


You share our software with your customers and earn referral fees for every new customer that comes to Diligent


Looking to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of your team using Diligent Solutions – the accreditation program will equip your team with class leading insights into the Diligent platform