Global Modern Governance

Surface insights from your entity-related information to your leaders so they can make more effective decisions to lead your organization forward

Efficient, effective teams

In today’s fast-paced world, your entity management team has their work cut out. In order to spend more time on the more strategic activities, you need more efficient entity management.


Blueprint OneWorld helps make entity management more efficient by cutting out manual processes and building in automation, compliance reminders. Identify when changes need to happen with alerts and update information more quickly with batch actions. You can spend less time on tasks like form completion and data checking and more time on achieving long-term strategic company goals.

Actionable insights

Data has transformed from a corporate product to a valuable commodity. However, the volume of entity-related data that has to be collected and reported on can be overwhelming. With the right technology in place data produces valuable insights that drive actionable business decisions, and ultimately drive forward company performance.


Blueprint’s reporting, visualization and dashboard features help you analyse your entity data so you can have better oversight, combine multiple data sets, ask better questions and drill down to find more detail. You can consider scenario planning within the entity diagramming and see a clear history of all important events in an entity’s lifecycle.

Timely access to information

As the amount of corporate data grows exponentially, decision-makers need access to accurate, insightful and timely data. In other words, the right data needs to reach the right decision-maker at the right time.


Blueprint OneWorld facilitates this throughout the organization. It gives the board access to the reports they need right within their board portal with live updates. The other departments that rely on entity-related information, such as tax, compliance, risk and finance can have their own data fields, document libraries and tailored view of this information, so they can access the information they need, when they want.