Entity Management

Manage your corporate data, entities and group structure better

Easily Manage Entity Data

Once an organization has a certain number of entities, then it needs somewhere to store information about each, including company type, addresses, accounting dates, board members, committee members, statutory filings, and ownership information such as share capital, share classes, fraction shares and shareholders. Without this adequate information, General Counsels and Legal Specialists are at risk of consequential bad decisions that will adversely affect their organizations. Blueprint OneWorld enables organizations to create and maintain a central repository for all entity-related assets so key stakeholders from across the business can easily surface relevant documentation.

Visualize Corporate Data

The ability to easily visualize corporate data is integral to effective decision making and good corporate governance. Organizational charting is also critical to other business activities like evaluating tax implications and researching potential mergers and acquisitions. Blueprint OneWorld allows organizations to export their ownership data to our industry-leading tool for entity structure charting and entity relationship diagramming (ERD).

A Single Source of Truth

As new legal, regulatory and compliance requirements make it imperative for organizations to have accurate legal entity information at their fingertips, many organizations today still suffer from inaccurate data, siloed solutions and bad processes that prevent legal and compliance specialists from easily uncovering information including legal names, office addresses, officer names and addresses, entity directors and their dates of service, entity types, when entities were formed, sold, merged or dissolved and entity relationships.


Blueprint OneWorld has the ability to import, export and synchronise large volumes of data with other applications your organization is already using. For example many of our clients integrate Blueprint with Workday or PeopleSoft to ensure names, addresses and titles are consistent across all systems, and Blueprint helps control who can or can’t change that data.


Legal departments need to have a single source of truth to handle the many requests for information from business partners, including Tax, Finance, Audit and Compliance. With Blueprint OneWorld each of those teams can create their own saved searches and filters, so they can quickly view and update the information they need.

Organize your data the way you want to

Rather like an online filing cabinet, Blueprint OneWorld allows you to create data libraries that can be customized to your organisation’s needs. Multiple folders or tabs mean your users can categorize, sort and filter to surface or extract specific datasets.


Documents can be uploaded and viewed as you would expect, however, Blueprint OneWorld can also generate documents directly, such as forms and resolutions following a change in company details.


Some examples of custom data libraries our clients have created are to help manage signing authority, power of attorney, property registers, copyright and patent details.