Why Blueprint?


Organizations that implement Blueprint can see improvement in the three key focus areas:


  1. Improving operational efficiency and oversight across internal teams in order to better manage information.
  2. Creating a single source of truth for corporate data in order to monitor and ensure compliance.
  3. Managing and mitigating risk and liability in order to protect the corporate veil.


At Blueprint, we believe there are three key differentiators that set us apart from our competition:


Vision: At Blueprint, our mission is to help legal and compliance teams achieve new levels of performance by putting the right information, operations and insights at their fingertips. With Diligent, the leading solution for boards, and Blueprint, the leader in global entity management, unifying as one company, we’ll be able to drive the GRC industry forward with Governance Cloud and invest in innovative solutions for customers inside and outside the boardroom. In order to achieve this long-term vision, Diligent and Blueprint have ramped up their spend in R&D to meet the evolving needs of the legal, governance and compliance function, and we now spend more on R&D per year than the annual revenue of nearly any other player in the space.


Expertise: Blueprint was developed by Corporate Secretaries for Corporate Secretaries. We have been providing governance solutions for over 30 years in more than 140 countries, with highly respected clients within the Fortune 100, the FTSE 100 and the ASX 50. Blueprint is a part of the Diligent Governance Cloud and is core to the long-term success of the Diligent Corporation, with R&D investments that eclipse those of our closest competitors within the industry.


Flexibility: Whether you’re a highly regulated multinational corporation with thousands of entities or a fast-growing mid-market company, the Blueprint platform can fulfil the short- and long-term needs of your organization’s legal and compliance functions. Blueprint offers an impressive growth platform with a wide range of configurations, in addition to the ability to more closely customize the platform according to the needs within your industry in order to create a unique instance that drives process efficiency, ensures compliance and decreases risk across your unique organization.



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