Solutions provided for you by Blueprint OneWorld

Blueprint OneWorld provides powerful solutions to access, review and report on your legal entity data to help you ensure compliance and demonstrate good governance through global industry best practices.


Remain compliant with your statutory form filings and the latest legislative changes. We are constantly updating our software to ensure you remain compliant in the ever-changing compliance environment.


Market Abuse Regulations (MAR) – easily record your insider lists and save significant time by automating the process of maintaining insider lists to remain compliant with MAR.


FATCA – a sustainable, robust solution to FATCA compliance that will save time and money in the long-term. We ensure you have full control to remain compliant with FATCA.


PSC – from 6 April 2016, the majority of UK companies are required to maintain a PSC Register (People with Significant Control). We deliver a fully integrated solution that will ensure you remain compliant with PSC.


Senior Managers Regime and Certification Regime (SMCR) – a regulatory framework designed to strengthen the accountability of senior individuals working in the banking sector. Our solution provides a robust and clear framework to help you manage the first two components of the SMCR regulatory framework – the Senior Managers Regime and the Certification Regime.

Data Management

Exchange and synchronise data to and from multiple systems in other departments or alongside your existing compliance system without having to change provider. Our data management solution ensures that all information and changes to it are accurately recorded and logged for later auditing or reporting purposes. It is a fully customisable and enables automated inbound and outbound data exchanges.

Document Management

Documents within Blueprint OneWorld can be securely attached to entities and made available only to users with the correct security credentials. Each document is given its own unique serial number for additional security. All documents are centrally managed with “check-in” and “check-out” processing and edit-only and read-only rights for each individual user. Access to these documents is also recorded in the audit trail. Blueprint DataSafe provides an armoured browser capability to add a further layer of security for documents.


File a large number of global statutory forms within minutes and track their progress automatically. Blueprint OneWorld takes away the burden of manually checking forms. It provides electronic filing for the most commonly used forms with Companies House in the UK, the CRO (Ireland), Delaware (USA) and ASIC (Australia). User-friendly wizards ensure the process of getting the necessary forms ready for signing and filing is made as simple as possible.


In a compliance environment, it is vital that you can visualise your corporate data to enhance your reporting documents. Blueprint’s ReportIt allows users to easily create custom reports on your corporate data held in Blueprint OneWorld. Create graphical and interactive reports with ease using our user-friendly Report Designer tool.


Ensure you never miss an important compliance event with automatic email notifications and alerts through your Blueprint OneWorld compliance diary. Automatically send the right data to the right people at the right time by creating automatic email reminders for tasks such as impending compliance dates or important reminders. This gives you complete control of your corporate data.


Blueprint OneWorld has the option to orchestrate complex workflows should you wish to track and report upon approval processes and then set reminder alerts for them. The product demonstrates great versatility, and our professional software analysts can help to configure an array of solutions.

Company Organisation Charting

Organisation charts can be a powerful tool to affirm a legal or tax structure and visualise relationships between entities such as affiliated ownership. Our charting tool, ChartIt, eases chart preparation and significantly enhances charts by allowing you to edit content, apply a range of formatting and export to PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Audit trail

Increase transparency and accountability by monitoring and controlling which Blueprint OneWorld users have accessed your corporate data. A full audit trail can be exported to provide a complete record of your procedures when you need it for auditors or other compliance purposes.

Contract Management

Create one central source for all your organisation’s contract data with our contract management solution. Consolidate all of your contract information across departments and customise to meet the unique requirements of your organisation.

Conflicts Management

Streamline the process for managing directors’ conflicts across all entities with our conflicts management solution. An integrated solution which will help manage directors’ conflicts of interest, benefits received or declined and their connected persons.

Entity Review and Attestation Processes

Assure the accuracy and timeliness of your corporate data with automated review processes. The review process enables you to create a single authoritative source for obtaining the latest entity data, delegating the responsibility to those who know the information and making users accountable for the data they are required to maintain. Create a transparent audit trail for users that are required to maintain specific data.


Create surveys to improve workflow and accountability. Enforce questions of your choice to your Blueprint OneWorld users to help maintain compliance for your organisation.