The PSC Register

Blueprint OneWorld’s integrated PSC solution


The PSC Register, together with other transparency measures contained in the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, has been designed to provide a full picture of both legal and beneficial ownership of UK entities, and help combat tax evasion, money-laundering and terrorist financing.


All UK companies (with the exception of certain listed companies), Limited Liability Partnerships and Societas Europaea, are now required to maintain a PSC Register. This includes dormant companies and group subsidiary companies.


PSC information must now be included in an entity’s confirmation statement, which has replaced the annual return, at least once every year. PSC Registers must contain certain prescribed information for those individuals and legal entities whose details are required to be disclosed, together with the status of investigations and the nature of the control exercised.

Key features:

Blueprint OneWorld offers a fully integrated solution without the need for spreadsheets.


  • Batch automation, population and creation of PSC Registers
  • Automated population of statutory/non-statutory 790D and 790E notices
  • Full capability for the reporting/recording of all additional matters/company statements
  • Ability to store and retain PSC-related documents
  • Dedicated industry experts assigned to PSC development
  • Free suite of PSC tutorial videos and recorded seminars
  • Full audit tracking of PSC-related matters
  • Integrated with Blueprint OneWorld


We also offer PSC consultancy services and a free suite of PSC tutorial videos and webinars.



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