FATCA compliance is made simple with Diligent Entities

As FATCA evolves and your organization changes, Diligent Entities ensures you remain in compliance with a solid documented audit trail demonstrating every step of the FATCA survey, attestation and compliance process.

FATCA for Global Organizations

The United States and more than 110 jurisdictions require compliance with FATCA. It involves complex reporting requirements and stiff sanctions for non-compliance.

  • Organisations must review entity structure and business activities to determine where FATCA applies and the necessary tracking and reporting
  • FATCA extends the scope of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements significantly to ensure data is kept up to date
  • A single source of information is required to avoid unnecessary duplication, complexity and costs
  • Processes to ensure accurate entity data will facilitate better outcomes and reporting

Streamline and Facilitate Ongoing Compliance

Diligent Entities provides a completely streamlined and documented review process and ensures that all required FATCA compliance tasks are completed correctly and on time.

  • Automate a review of FATCA exposure
  • Classify all entities by appropriate FATCA classification and ensure reliable data
  • Ensure data is gathered with customizable FATCA surveys with sequence logic and reminders
  • Generate saved, automated reports to demonstrate IRS compliance
  • Create workflows with notifications and reminders to ensure data reviews are completed
  • Completely document the process with distinct audit trails and reports when the review is completed

Catering to your compliance and governance requirements and evolving with you as you grow with three levels:


Ideal for smaller organizations operating in industries with minimal regulation and with entities in only a few jurisdictions. Great for companies wishing to move away from paper or spreadsheets and looking to improve their efficiency.


A perfect match for larger organizations conducting business in medium or highly regulated industries with entities in multiple jurisdictions. Great for companies focused on compliance and efficiency for which data integrity is extremely important. Also beneficial for those who are searching for multiple ways to report on that data both internally and externally.


Designed for larger, highly regulated organizations focused not just on efficiency and compliance, but also on mitigating risk. Data integrity, customizable workflows, and transparent, easily accessible audit trails are critical for these companies, as is integration with other systems.

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