Global Entity Governance

Increase efficiency and improve oversight

Greater efficiency and oversight make you an even more strategic partner for your organization, helping identify both risks and opportunities.

Efficient, effective legal operations

In today’s fast-paced world, your entity management team has their work cut out. The growth in regulation and more mature approaches to governance increase the responsibilities of the Office of the General Counsel. The right software makes task management more efficient so you have more time for strategic activities.

  • Automate more complex requirements with workflows
  • Set reminders so you don’t miss a compliance date
  • Update information more quickly with batch actions
  • Ensure accurate form completion with automated forms
  • Create corporate structure charts with overlaid information and formatting
  • Ensure other business units, such as Tax, Finance and Treasury can access the information they need when they want

Elevating Entity Management to Entity Governance

Only Diligent Entities helps you handle the volume and complexity of your entity information and improve governance across the entire corporate structure. It provides the functionality you need to analyze your corporate data so you can become a more strategic partner for your organization.

  • Maintain the accuracy of your corporate record with workflows that review data and manage changes
  • Control access to data and documents with granular permissions
  • Surface information to those who need it with integrations that facilitate secure information sharing outside of Entities
  • View your most important compliance tasks and actions from the Dashboard and drill into the information to reach more detail
  • Manage your entity lifecycle from start to finish and ensure you are poised to take advantage of opportunities
  • Report on your data appropriately with templates, quick reports for non-expert users, comprehensive reports to combine broader data sets, point in time reporting and change reports

Catering to your compliance and governance requirements and evolving with you as you grow with three levels:


Ideal for smaller organizations operating in industries with minimal regulation and with entities in only a few jurisdictions. Great for companies wishing to move away from paper or spreadsheets and looking to improve their efficiency.


A perfect match for larger organizations conducting business in medium or highly regulated industries with entities in multiple jurisdictions. Great for companies focused on compliance and efficiency for which data integrity is extremely important. Also beneficial for those who are searching for multiple ways to report on that data both internally and externally.


Designed for larger, highly regulated organizations focused not just on efficiency and compliance, but also on mitigating risk. Data integrity, customizable workflows, and transparent, easily accessible audit trails are critical for these companies, as is integration with other systems.

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