Market Abuse Regulations (MAR)

Simplify the maintenance of your insider lists


MAR explained

In recent years’ financial markets have become increasingly global, giving rise to new trading platforms and technologies. Unfortunately, this has led to new possibilities to manipulate these markets.


MAR is intended to strengthen the existing UK market abuse framework by extending its scope to new markets, new platforms and new behaviours. It contains prohibitions for insider dealing and market manipulation, and provisions to prevent and detect these. MAR will apply from 3 July 2016.


For full details on Market Abuse Regulations please visit the FCA site.



Stay compliant with Insider Manager

A key requirement of MAR is for organisations to maintain a list of all those persons working for them that have access to inside information. Blueprint OneWorld allows users to easily record this information and save significant time by automating the process of maintaining accurate insider lists.

Automated notifications to insiders to notify they have been added to sections

Track details of close periods, projects, permanent sections and associated insiders

Integrate relevant documentation within notifications to insiders

Save time with the ability to batch add and edit insiders’ subscriptions

Quickly and easily produce the new ‘Market Abuse Regulations Report’

Category of Person and Function fields to facilitate compliance with MAR