Global Compliance and Reporting

Assure compliance and improve decision-making with real-time data from your group structure

Real-Time Data

If the true value of any information lies in an organization’s ability to effectively use it and to transform it into concrete actions then automated and accurate reports are essential to executive stakeholders and those across the business looking to take action.


Blueprint OneWorld provides easy to use and flexible reporting that can collate data from across different parts of the system, even for custom fields.

Compliance reminders

Blueprint OneWorld identifies key compliance dates for the relevant entities based on their jurisdiction and automatically notifies the user to ensure the team is able to meet deadlines and avoid costly fines and penalties.


Some examples of how our clients use this feature is for appointment reminders for the re-election or rotation of a role; reminders to upload documents to a data library, annual returns, accounts and annual meetings and confirmation statements.


Users can customize the types of reminders and the timeline for action, for example with an email reminder or an Outlook calendar entry.

Customized workflows

When data must be accurate at all times, then managing changes across multiple stakeholders is a big deal and the process by which one validates the integrity of data can be laborious.


Blueprint OneWorld facilitates changes to the corporate database by automating manual processes and establishing customized workflows. The approval process can be tailored based on each data field that is being updated, so that multiple individuals or cross-functional teams can be involved based on the specific requirements of the change. Each step in the workflow also gets logged into the audit trail, creating an electronic, fully auditable ‘paper trail’ of all the actions leading to the decision.


The most common examples of how our clients use workflows for approval processes are to create a new entity, an appointment or resignation and entity dissolution.

Easy to use and Flexible Reporting

Reporting is a fundamental part of ensuring oversight of your entity structure. If you’re just starting out, Blueprint OneWorld provides intuitive, simple reports for non-expert users and includes 19 ready-made templates of commonly used reports. You can also create custom reports on your corporate data by modifying these templates or starting from scratch if you prefer. In addition to running ad hoc reports, you can also save and schedule reports to be delivered to specific users or groups within the system. This allows teams to receive real-time, automated updates, saving time and driving action.


Blueprint OneWorld gives you the option to create graphical and interactive reports as well as tabular ones and export as a PDF or Microsoft Word or Excel. Each report has customizable security to control access to information. What’s more, users can schedule reports to be generated and emailed to the relevant individuals on a regular basis.

Electronically Submit Statutory Forms to Regulatory Bodies

Blueprint OneWorld allows organizations to electronically submit statutory forms to regulatory bodies, making it a simple, secure and paperless process. As there are already processes in place in Blueprint OneWorld to maintain the cleanliness and accuracy of your data, electronic filing directly from the system ensures there are no errors due to manual data entry or mistaken changes to entity information.


Electronic Filing directly from Blueprint OneWorld also increases the efficiency of your team. With no manual forms to complete, review, and mail, filing is done more accurately and quickly. For certain jurisdictions, forms can even be signed digitally for faster execution. Batch filings can be a big time-saver for those who need to file multiple forms across a large number of entities.