03 May 2017

The latest Blueprint Briefing event took place on Wednesday, 3 May in London.

The event was a great success and offered a chance for attendees to meet and hear from Liam Healy, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Blueprint OneWorld. Liam presented the vision for Blueprint OneWorld now we are part of the Diligent family and how they look forward to working with our UK clients to keep innovating and improving Blueprint OneWorld.

Other highlights from the day included:

  • a Blueprint OneWorld product update and a look ahead to future releases
  • the latest People of Significant Control update
  • an update on the Irish beneficial ownership registers
  • a look ahead to the 4th & 5th Money Laundering Directive

Feedback from the event showed the majority of attendees found the event very helpful and informative, especially our post-acquisition plans and the reassurance around the improvements Diligent are planning. The People of Significant Control (PSC) update was very well received as feedback showed additional advice around this legislation is always invaluable.

There were also areas for us to improve such as support documentation, customer service and client education pieces like webinars to accommodate customers based outside of London and longer format user groups to allow more time for presentations and Q&As.

Thank you for all the customer feedback, we look forward to the opportunity to continue to improve.

Thank you to everyone that attended and we hope you enjoyed the event.