Ensure accurate entity data with automated
review processes

Blueprint OneWorld’s integrated entity review solution


Entity review and attestation processes

Maintaining accurate information about a company and its consolidated entities can be a complicated process.


Understanding who has made changes and when these changes were made requires a robust process to manage all information streams across a whole organisation. Blueprint OneWorld simplifies this by creating an automated review process.


How does it work?

Blueprint OneWorld creates a single source of data and allocates responsibility of managing it to those who own the data whilst making individual users accountable for the data they are required to maintain.


Run centrally by an assigned administrator, our entity review solution ensures that the policies and internal governance rules are being adhered to by providing regular reviews and validations of all entity information.

  • Email alerts to notify reviewers to verify the data and check accuracy
  • Custom rules can be created to show users what areas of Blueprint should be reviewed and validated
  • A transparent audit trail for users that are required to maintain specific data
  • Provides confidence that entity data is accurate
  • Full integration with your existing Blueprint OneWorld system



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