Entity Relationship Diagramming

Easily visualize corporate data is integral to effective decision making

Visualize Corporate Data

Within the governance and compliance function of an organization, the ability to easily visualize corporate data is integral to effective decision making. Organizational charting is also critical to other business activities like evaluating tax implications and researching potential mergers and acquisitions. Blueprint OneWorld allows organizations to export their ownership data to our industry-leading tool for entity structure charting and entity relationship diagramming (ERD).


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Single Source of Truth

Blueprint OneWorld quickly visualizes data and generates professional charts at the click of a button. Charting – Viewer Edition is included with every instance of Blueprint OneWorld, allowing users to visualize their organizational chart easily. For those who want additional functionality and customization options, Charting – Designer edition allows administrators to change colors and styles, and adjust additional details to visualize organizational structure.


Custom views can be created to accommodate various users, like Corporate Secretaries, Paralegals, Tax, Directors, Compliance Officers and Legal Operations with charts that can be automatically updated as new information is added to Blueprint OneWorld.


  • Use the Entity Designer to view Blueprint Group Structures in an organizational chart or tree format without duplicating records.
  • Manipulate charts to suit your Company’s needs and to comply with internal policies and regulations.
  • Change chart content, layout, colors and styles.
  • Apply automatic formatting based on the data imported from Blueprint.
  • Create sub-charts based on specific criteria.
  • Use the Playbook feature to build your charts and data into a booklet format.
  • Graphical and interactive reports can also be created with ease using our user-friendly Report Designer tool, which can then be exported and viewed in multiple formats, including PDF and Microsoft Word and Excel.


Blueprint OneWorld creates the single, audit ready, source and destination of subsidiary related information including ownership, and other relationships. Blueprint’s Entity Relationship Diagramming harnesses that data to create charts that can be viewed historically, formatted with colors and shapes or be used for “what if” scenarios representing mergers, reorganizations and restructurings. This allows your team to present a general portrait that boards and senior management can understand, relate to and act on.



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