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The single source of truth for all entity-related information

Easily Manage Entity Data

Blueprint OneWorld creates a single source of truth for all entity-related information, including, but not limited to, company type, addresses, accounting dates, board members, committee members, statutory filings, and ownership information such as share capital, share classes, fraction shares and shareholders. Without this adequate information, General Counsels and Legal Specialists are at risk of consequential bad decisions that will adversely affect their organizations.


Blueprint OneWorld continues to develop, extend and improve the functionality needed to help our clients achieve compliance, mitigate risk, and demonstrate good governance across their organizations.


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Global Leader in Entity Management Software

What started as a company secretarial tool, aimed mainly at UK-based clients wishing to store their corporate data in an electronic format and to automate their filings, has now become the world’s leading solution for global entity management and integrated, customizable corporate governance software.


Blueprint OneWorld caters to evolving compliance and governance requirements and a growing diversity of entity management, at three levels:


  • Standard – Ideal for smaller organizations operating in industries with minimal regulation and with entities in only a few jurisdictions. Great for companies wishing to move away from paper or spreadsheets and looking to improve their efficiency.


  • Professional – A perfect match for larger organizations conducting business in medium or highly regulated industries with entities in multiple jurisdictions. Great for companies focused on compliance and efficiency for which data integrity is extremely important. Also beneficial for those who are searching for multiple ways to report on that data both internally and externally.


  • Enterprise – Designed for larger, highly regulated organizations focused not just on efficiency and compliance, but also on mitigating risk. Data integrity, customizable workflows, and transparent, easily accessible audit trails are critical for these companies, as is integration with other systems.


With the right entity management system in place, businesses can demonstrate good governance, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and mitigate risk in order to move their compliance and legal organizations from a reactive to a proactive function.


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