Electronic Filings

One of the many benefits of Blueprint OneWorld is the assurance that data is consistently and accurately maintained. This is especially critical when filing regulatory forms across jurisdictions, as errors or missed deadlines can lead to expensive fines and additional work.

Electronically Submit Statutory Forms to Regulatory Bodies


Blueprint OneWorld’s Electronic Filing feature allows organizations to electronically submit statutory forms to regulatory bodies, making it a simple, secure and paperless process. As there are already processes in place in Blueprint OneWorld to maintain the cleanliness and accuracy of your data, Electronic Filing directly from the system ensures there are no errors due to manual data entry or mistaken changes to your entity information, helping your team to reduce risk when filing.


Electronic Filing directly from Blueprint OneWorld also increases the efficiency of your team. With no manual forms to complete, review, and mail, filing is done more accurately and quickly. The process also allows your team to designate a reviewer, allowing for a double-check on the information being filed. Another benefit of Electronic Filing within Blueprint OneWorld is the ability to batch your filings. This can be a big time-saver for those who need to file multiple forms because of the number of entities in your organization.


Documents may be electronically filed with: United Kingdom’s Companies House, Ireland’s Companies Registration Office, Australia’s Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and the Division of Corporations in Delaware. Each of these jurisdictions has specific requirements on what can be filed electronically, and so the functionality may vary by location. Blueprint OneWorld can provide specific user guides and training to ensure your application can be configured with any or all of these jurisdictions enabled for Electronic Filing so that you can take advantage of the benefits.


For certain jurisdictions, forms can even be signed digitally, which saves time and money. This allows documents to be executed faster as well as taking advantage of lower prices for filing forms electronically compared to the prices for paper filings.


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