Compliance Data Management

Exchange compliance data seamlessly with other systems


Data exchange with Blueprint OneWorld

Blueprint OneWorld has the ability to exchange and synchronise data to and from multiple systems in other departments or alongside your existing compliance system without having to change provider. It ensures that all information and changes to it are accurately recorded and logged for later auditing or reporting purposes.


Blueprint OneWorld can significantly improve an organisation’s compliance reporting by increasing data accuracy and saving time by streamlining the communication between different systems. This is a fully customisable tool that enables automated inbound and outbound data exchanges.

Data exchange with Human Resources

Without an automated process to communicate HR system changes that affect corporate compliance, for example the resignation of a Director, entity data very quickly becomes incorrect. Various compliance requirements may be inaccurate with the organisation risking non-compliance for responsibilities such as loan agreements and regulatory filings. With Blueprint OneWorld, changes made in the HR system that affect corporate compliance are exchanged seamlessly with automatic notifications sent to the relevant users to highlight an action is needed.



Data exchange with Legal and Tax

Most organisations use separate Legal and Tax entity systems that are rarely synchronised, meaning both systems have inaccurate information. For example, the Tax system may have incomplete or abbreviated Company names. Organisation charts and reports using this information may be inaccurate and contradict each other. Blueprint OneWorld exchanges this information with all systems to create one true source of data. In today’s highly regulated environment, it is highly critical that all entity systems are synchronised for accurate reporting and organisation charts.



These are just two examples of how Blueprint OneWorld can be utilised to exchange and synchronise data with other departments within your organisation. Please contact us to discuss more options.



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