Corporate Governance Reporting

Real-Time Data to simplify and improve decision-making processes businesses undergo daily

Real-Time Data

There are many benefits of real-time data. Parsing out the ways in which data gets applied to the decision-making processes businesses undergo every day is imperative to understand. Additionally, one could make the case that the true value of any information lies in an organization’s ability to effectively use data and to transform it into concrete actions. Without that element, it doesn’t matter how good the data is, how current it is or how fast you can gather it. For this reason, automated and accurate reports are essential to executive stakeholders and those across the business looking to take action.


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Easy to use and Flexible Reporting

Blueprint OneWorld provides easy to use and flexible reporting options that can collate data from every module within the system in order to quickly create and distribute information. By already having clean and accurate data within the system, reports are more credible and actionable when delivered to stakeholders.


The reporting capability within Blueprint OneWorld allows users a great deal of flexibility when viewing data from the system. If you’re just starting out with the reporting functionality, Blueprint OneWorld provides 19 ready-made templates of commonly used reports. You can also create custom reports on your corporate data by modifying these templates or starting from scratch if you prefer. In addition to running ad hoc reports, you can also save and schedule reports to be delivered to specific users or groups within the system. This allows teams to receive real-time, automated updates, saving time and driving action.


Some of the other benefits of the reporting tool include the following:


  • Ability to create graphical and interactive reports
  • Reporting on virtually any data stored within Blueprint, including custom Data Libraries and User Defined Fields
  • Multiple format export options including PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Capability to create scheduled tasks so that reports are generated and emailed to the relevant individuals on a regular basis
  • Customizable security that can be configured for each report


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