Contract Management Software

Manage all your organisation’s contract data in one central place


Create one central source for your contract data

Consolidate all of your contract information across departments by creating a single source of data, customised to meet the unique requirements of your organisation. Blueprint OneWorld helps you manage your contracts and maintain visibility of key renewal dates.


Blueprint OneWorld allows you to assign different levels of security, such as view and edit permissions, to different users to ensure sensitive contract information is kept safe and secure. Only users with the correct level of security can access contract information.


System administrators can create contract report templates; users can also build their own contract reports. Export options include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF, where different layout and colour options can be applied.

Key features:

Manage all your organisation’s contract data in one central place. Our solution enables you to easily search within a contract with full content indexing and link to entities within Blueprint OneWorld:


  • Assign ownership of a contract record to an individual or team
  • Track and report the status of each contract
  • Create contract reports using our report builder wizard
  • Receive email alerts for contract renewal dates or when contract information changes
  • Automatically alert users to out-of-date contracts



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