Compliance Calendar

Keeping up with constantly changing labor laws, regulations, reporting requirements, and deadlines is a massive challenge. Especially in today’s regulatory environment, staying on top of these requirements is a full time job for an already stretched legal team.

Added to all of the other responsibilities already on their plate, many professionals are looking for an easier way to ensure they remain compliant and do not miss any upcoming deadlines.


Blueprint OneWorld’s Compliance Calendar identifies key compliance dates for relevant entities and helps to simplify this process for your organization. Compliance rules are applied automatically based on the jurisdiction of the entity in order to automate the ongoing process of remaining compliant. The system also helps to mitigate organizational risk by sending reminders of upcoming deadlines to the applicable users of the system. This helps ensure the team is able to meet deadlines and avoid costly fines or penalties.


Blueprint OneWorld has several types of reminders that are commonly used. These include:


  • Compliance Reminders for Confirmation Statements, Annual Returns, Accounts and Annual Meetings (where applicable) being due or overdue.
  • Pending Event Reminders for changes that were brought to your data and were saved in a Pending Status or placed on hold.
  • Data Library Reminders for documents or information uploaded in the Data Library section of the application.
  • Appointment Reminders for reminders concerning the re-election or rotation of an individual due to retire or to be rotated out of a position.

One of the most flexible areas of Blueprint OneWorld, the Compliance Calendar allows your organization to customize not just the types of reminders you use, but also the timeline for action. This allows you to tailor the calendar and even each reminder to your specific business process and timeline. Additionally, the Compliance Calendar allows your team to receive an email reminder if requested, as well as add dates directly to their Outlook calendar. With all of this flexibility, your organization will be in the best position to comply with regulatory deadlines.


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