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Enhance your company organisation charts with our dynamic charting solution


Blueprint with ChartIt

Organisation charts can be a powerful tool to affirm an organisational structure and visualise relationships between entities such as affiliated ownership.


Blueprint’s ChartIt is the user-friendly charting solution that eases chart preparation and significantly enhances charts created in Blueprint. Created by Orbitax, a partner company of ICSA Software, ChartIt works seamlessly with Blueprint to provide you with a dynamic charting solution for all your organisation charts.

“With the best legal database and charting tools, Blueprint with ChartIt truly delivers high value tools.”

Don Chung
Chairman of Orbitax



ChartIt Viewer

Viewer is free to all Blueprint users and gives you the ability to review and present the group structure of your organisation.


  • Export your Blueprint Group Structures to ChartIt and view them as charts
  • Basic formatting via Group Structures including some colours and shapes
  • Print charts
  • Export to PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Quickly and easily produce the new ‘Market Abuse Regulations Report’
  • Category of Person and Function fields to facilitate compliance with MAR


ChartIt Designer

Upgrade to Designer and get all the functionality of Viewer plus:


  • Edit the content, move boxes and change the layout of your charts
  • Apply a wide range of formatting such as different colours and shapes to comply with your organisation’s internal policies and branding
  • Apply advanced formatting based on data imported from Blueprint
  • Create sub-charts
  • Produce summary reports with cover pages, table of contents, entity data and index

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