Blueprint’s integrated browser security solution

Reinforce Blueprint OneWorld’s security and add extra protection against increasing malware risks


What is malware and why does it pose a threat to businesses?

Malicious software (malware) is software designed to attack and damage computer systems or networks. Unfortunately, malware is an ever-increasing problem for businesses. There are hundreds of millions of different types of malware which are responsible for over a billion cyber-attacks on computer users per year. The impact to businesses can be devastating in both financial terms and an organisation’s reputation, which can sometimes be irreversible.


Spyware is one type of malware that can be especially damaging to businesses. This software, also known as keyloggers, collects information such as usernames and passwords without a user’s knowledge to use it for malicious purposes.

Why is data leakage a problem?

Data leakage is the unauthorised transfer of corporate information from a business computer to the outside world.  Such leakage can be achieved by the physical removal of data (USB memory sticks, copy/paste to other applications, printouts, etc.).


Remote workers broaden the potential risk for data loss with innocuous actions such as emailing files between work and home PCs, which may not have the same level of security that business computers do. As email and web are two of the most common channels for data leakage, this potentially puts business information at immense risk.


While the majority of end-users have only good intentions, the malicious user still represents a threat to sensitive corporate information that would be dangerous to ignore. External hackers and their evolving methods pose a greater threat to organisations, but the dangers associated with end-users and their misguided actions pose an equally destructive and insidious, threat to businesses.

Add extra protection to Blueprint OneWorld with Blueprint BrowserProtect

Although potentially devastating to an organisation, cyber-attacks are preventable by adding security where you are most vulnerable, the web browser. We have recognised this increasing risk by partnering with Quarri Technologies to deliver Blueprint BrowserProtect, an integrated security solution that will add extra protection to Blueprint OneWorld from cyber-attacks and data leakage.


We are proud of the security will offer for Blueprint OneWorld. We hold ISO27001 certification, the internationally recognised auditing standard that ensures we meet the highest levels for information security. Blueprint BrowserProtect is merely an added measure for those clients who feel added protection is needed to protect against everevolving cyber-attacks.


Blueprint BrowserProtect eliminates malware and data leakage threats organisations face:


  • End-users printing, saving, or copying sensitive company information
  • Hackers and sophisticated malware compromising Blueprint OneWorld
  • Login credentials being stolen as they are entered (spyware and keyloggers)
  • End-users being automatically redirected to hostile sites


How does Blueprint BrowserProtect solution work?

It provides advanced browser security that eliminates malware threats and data leakage by creating a fully secure browser environment whereby all access to and from Blueprint OneWorld is controlled with fixed policies and security tokens.


It creates a secure browser whenever end users access Blueprint OneWorld, giving your IT administrators unprecedented visibility into, and control over, what users do with information stored and delivered to Blueprint OneWorld.


Cyber-attacks are an increasing problem to all web-based software but with Blueprint BrowserProtect you can be confident all Blueprint OneWorld users are fully protected against cyber-attacks and data leakage.


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